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Interactive map created by me labeling all major nature spots in the Southern Illinois region.

A video taken by me during the student protest to the union strike in November 2011. It was such an amazing thing to be apart of and have students and teachers alike speak their minds and their rights.

Photos taken by me during Fall 2011. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) took over the Carbondale music scene by storm during this time. This was also the time of the teacher strike, which affected students and teachers alike for more than a month. A group called Occupy Carbondale mimicked the efforts of the Occupy Movement but localized it with all that was happening in Carbondale, including the protest.

  • djBobby Freyer, "DJ Hopeless", spins tracks at a party in Carbondale, IL. Freyer has been DJing for two years and loves to play at parties. He mixes dubstep with hip-hop in a unique way that makes party-goers gravitate to the dance floor.
  • djingFreyer shows Tim Peifer how to use the DJ equipment. The track pad can cost anywhere from $100-300 and the speakers are $500. Freyer uses the track pad to mix songs together and add his own beats.
  • light showDJ Cordero shows off his spinning skills at a party. Cordero spun colorful lights in different directions that caused everyone to be hypmotized by the dancing designs. He has been spinning for a year after learning at a music festival.
  • occupyJournalism major Sherrie Phipps talks to a participant of Occupy Carbondale. He said that Occupy is made up of mostly SIU students and they are standing up for the teacher strike.
  • Carbondale-20111107-00076 copy_2Chalk messages cover the sidewalks of the SIU campus, especially in front of the Occupy Carbondale camp. Occupiers draw messages like this one to show their support to the nationwide Occupy movement.
  • tentThe members of Occupy Carbondale are always stationed in front of Quigley Hall. Undergraduate Husni Ashiku said that members take shifts to make sure there is always someone at the site. Police made Occupiers take down their tents after SIU Chancellor Rita Cheng made it illegal to sleep on campus. The members of Occupy Carbondale now have tarps set up instead of tents and are still passionate about their movement.
  • protestOn November 8, 2011, hundreds of teachers and students alike marched around Campus in protest of the strike. Protestors came up with creative signs to show their support to the faculty.
  • be fairCinema major Clark Faust holds up his simple sign that makes an important statement about the faculty strike. Faust walked for his two cinema teachers. He said, "I don't think the administration is being fair to our teachers. That's why I made this sign. Let's just all be fair."
  • protest 1Protestors stopped outside the student center and loudly chanted, "Settle! Settle!". The administration and the faculty was meeting in the upstairs of the student center at this time. Protestors wanted their voices to be heard so an agreement could be made.
  • for saleChancellor Rita Cheng has gotten the blame for most of the strike, and this protestor's sign shows people's anger towards the Chancellor.
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